1. Bds and Com vacancies landscape
  2. fall leaf disposal

    Disposal of Leaves

    During this time of year, a limited number of residents rake their leaves off their lawn and place them in the roadway or along the curb. It is unlawful to .... Read on...
  3. Winter Operations Plan

    Winter Operations Plan

    Winter is here - here are some very important details you need to know regarding emergency notices, parking bans and winter operations.... Read on...
  4. Burn Permit Icon

    Burn Permits

    The Town has launched a new online platform for residents and businesses to begin using for the issuance of burn permits. Read on...
  5. COVID 29 Update

    Up-to-date Information on Essex COVID Response

    Find the latest information regarding access to services and hours of operation. Visit the Essex COVID-19 Response pages
  6. Committee on Equity for Essex

    Update - May/June 2021

    The Committee on Equity in Essex provides a newsletter update for May/June 2021. Read on...
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